As one of the largest and best practice manufacturers of Herbs & Spices in India, Agripure offers an unmatched level of quality and service to the commercial food industry globally. Raw materials are sourced via local contract farming in India. Over 2,400 farmers grow high specification crops exclusively for us.

Through frequent travel and continuous communication, Agripure has developed close relationships with selected growers and suppliers in the main growing regions in India; this ensures that we are supplied with only the highest quality raw materials available. To guarantee the continuity of supply to our customers, we maintain substantial raw material inventory positions at our manufacturing & storage facilities.

By strictly controlling the manufacturing process at our truly ‘state-of-the-art’ facilities, we are able to meet the unique specifications of each customer and guarantee the safety, wholesomeness and consistent quality of our spice and herb products.

Spices and herbs can be manufactured to meet customised specifications for granulation and the wide-array of other critical parameters for each spice or herb.  We will be happy to discuss any of your unique requirements or for other information regarding our spices and herb products.



Agripure specializes in the Procurement, Processing and Manufacture of exceptional quality Chilli Capsicums. Starting with whole dehydrated raw material, we maintain stringent control over the parameters most critical to Capsicum products such as the control of Aflatoxin, Octratoxin and Pesticide-Residue Revels to ‘Below Detection Level’ (BDL),  Heat Level S.H.U. (Scoville Heat Units), Surface Colour, Extractable Colour, Particle Size and Seed to Pod Ratio.

Our Specification for Chilli meets the Highest of Global Standards in terms of Food Safety, taste & aroma profile,  and commercial aesthetics.

Our expertise includes an in-depth knowledge of the unique characteristics of all botanical varieties that are commercially available.

The following list represents the most common spices and herbs we produce: