Agripure is committed to providing High Quality Produce which is SAFE & PURE. Indeed, Food Safety is of paramount importance to our Company. All our spices meet or exceed the high standards our customers demand, as well as the required legal food safety parameters specified by the relevant World regulatory bodies. Our experienced and dedicated members of the Quality Control (QC) Department work to provide in-depth analyses and testing of our products before, during and after the manufacturing process. Moreover, Agripure has recently invested in one of the World’s most advanced Laboratory Instrument – The Shimadzu LCMS 8060 ‘Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer’. In India, this is only the 8th Shimadzu LCMS 8060 to be installed. Coming in at a cost of over $440,000.00 for this equipment, the emphasis on just how seriously we take food safety is underlined.

Utilizing our high specification Laboratory, the QC Department oversees additional specialized testing, as well as getting results re-checked and confirmed with Certificates of Analysis through recognized certified laboratories.

These evaluations and analyses can include:

  • Flavour

  • Volatile Oils

  • Fixed Oil

  • Colour Evaluation

  • Pungency

  • Moisture

  • Salt

  • Macroscopic Evaluation

  • Microbial Testing

  • Plate Count

  • Yeast & Moulds

  • External Testing by Certified Laboratories

  • Pathogens & other organisms

In conjunction with the Technical & Quality Assurance,  other Quality Control Processes include:

  • GAPs

  • GMPs


  • Allergen Control


At Agripure we work on all areas of hygiene in our facilities.  Below are some of the procedures in place to help us maintain our exceptional standards.

  • Forced-Hygiene Station on entry to Production Facility

  • Continuous Floor Cleaning Regime via Ride-On Scrubber Dryers, using Food Safe & compliant chemicals

  • Biometric Access Control to the Plant