We contract with the farmer - Test their soil and ensure they use the best nutrition that their land requires.
We provide them the seeds of the specified crop to be grown & harvested.


The Company has Growing Contracts with Over 2,500 Farmers for Chilli alone which helps ensure constant and reliable supply of produce.

The Farmers are trained by our own Team of Qualified Horticulturists and Agronomists Training the Farmers via Regular Farmer Meetings.

Training is provided on Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) and Post Harvest Practices (PHP).

Guidance is provided on Seed Selection, Permitted Pesticides, Insecticides and their correct application on crops to ensure Minimum Residue Levels MRLs within the allowed legal limits – Maintaining records of dosing levels and intervals of spraying.

Agripure guarantees a Fair Payment to the Farmer.

We promote the use of sustainable inputs and minimizing chemicals, thus ensuring continuous supply of compliant, high quality produce.


1. The Farmer is explained the rules of the company and if happy, he formally enrols to join the partnership.   His soil is tested and our agronomists prescribe any nutrients that may be needed in his field.

2. We then provide high quality seeds and the Farmer sows them in the soil.  He is given technical advice for nurturing the crop through the critical stages, which is very important.

3. Any interference by insects can make the Farmer nervous, and this is when the Chemical Companies typically take advantage of selling different sprays to the Farmers.

4. Our Technical Teams are headed by post graduates in Agriculture, who are at hand with advice for the Farmers at all times.

5. When the crop reaches Harvest time,  advice is then given in respect of good Post Harvest Practices.


We firmly believe, to get the most out of our Team’s efforts, and to strengthen our relationship with the Farmers, regular and detailed meetings with them is a key element to our mutual success.

Meetings & guidance seminars are usually held in the evening at local community halls in the villages close where a cluster of Farmers reside.